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By creating a charitable fund at TCF, you are helping to strengthen and improve the community. As your trusted philanthropic advisor, we’re here to answer your questions and offer personalized service to help you meet your goals.

Stay Informed

You can access information about community issues, innovative programs, and effective nonprofits by using our online resource, PowerPhilanthropy®. We’re also here to personally answer your questions about nonprofits in the community.

Support Your Favorite Nonprofits

You can use PowerPhilanthropy® to make gifts to your favorite nonprofits. If you have a Donor Advised Fund, you can make grant recommendations online, and all fund holders can track gifts to their fund and grants made. All donors receive quarterly statements that provide an update on the investment performance of the assets in your fund.

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If you don’t use our online resource, please use this form to recommend grants to nonprofits you want to support.

Donor Suggestion Form (PDF)

Donor Events

Visit Your Philanthropy for information on donor briefings and other events for current donors. You can RSVP for upcoming events and find additional details.

Give to an Existing Fund

You can easily contribute to an existing fund managed by TCF using our online credit card service.

Give NOW to an existing fund of The Columbus Foundation.

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