Charles R. and Irene M. Mougey Fund

KIPP Journey Academy

KIPP Journey Academy
Pictured: (l-r) Daquan Woody; Hannah Powell, school director; Kadizia Rushing / Photo by George Anderson
"This school is changing children's lives," said Hannah Powell, KIPP school director. "When you walk in the energy is palpable. It is possible to create a place where kids excel. It's just so motivating to be part of something that works."

Honesty. Integrity. Commitment. Th ese words are synonymous with the mission and values KIPP Journey Academy was founded on. In 1994, the first KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) school opened in inner-city Houston; the movement has grown to include 82 schools in 19 states.

In 2008, KIPP opened on Columbus’ northeast side, with more than 70 fifth-grade students. The academy received a $42,000 grant from the Foundation’s Charles R. and Irene M. Mougey Fund to purchase desktop computers and software.

The free, public charter school offers a rigorous academic program, which has students in school from 7:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. daily. Students also attend school on alternate Saturdays throughout the year, and participate in a summer session.

Students, parents, and teachers all sign a commitment to excellence contract—a pact that recognizes the importance of their collaboration, a key component to a student’s success.

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