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Celebrating 75 Years
75th Anniversary

75 years ago, local visionaries, led by Harrison M. Sayre, joined together in the spirit of hope and aspiration to establish The Columbus Foundation. These community leaders looked beyond their immediate circumstances—war in both the Atlantic and the Pacific, as well as the lingering effects of The Great Depression—and toward a better tomorrow. Since then, the generosity of donors from all walks of life has helped build and shape a strong, connected community.


During our 75th anniversary year, we are proud to honor donors, past and present, and showcase how they have been catalysts for change. Through sponsorships of innovative programs and events, we lift up the collaborative nature of our community today, and look at ways we are inspiring an even stronger community for tomorrow.



“The best way to extend your life is to give to the community.”

Harrison M. Sayre

Seventy-five years ago, a group of passionate citizens, led by Harrison M. Sayre, envisioned a way to improve the community and quality of life in central Ohio. With little more than this sound idea and faith, The Columbus Foundation was established in 1943.





In 1944, the first unsolicited gift of $25 was given to the Foundation by Olga Anna Jones, a teacher, editor of the Ohio Women Voter, reporter for the Columbus Citizen, and Columbus’ first city councilwoman. Today, the Foundation serves as the trusted philanthropic advisor to more than 2,500 individuals, families, corporations, and nonprofit organizations.



“We just don’t work with kids and let them go. We try to be a beacon of light and of hope for young people. We let them know they are loved, respected, and supported.”

Hank Evans

Through the Greater Columbus Community Helping Hands, Inc. Scholarship Fund, in partnership with the Cage Family Scholarship Fund, Dorothy Cage-Evans and her husband, Hank, are making a difference for underserved and challenged youth in the community by providing scholarships to help with books and related school expenses.






“We grew up understanding the importance of helping others.”

Francie Henry

In 2016, Jim and Francie Henry established the Jim and Francie Henry Family Fund at The Columbus Foundation to facilitate their family philanthropy. Through their Donor Advised Fund, the family supports organizations that revolve around their current areas of interest, including behavioral health, education, the LGBTQ community, and wellness.





“We see so much potential for intellectual individuals in the Deaf Community, but often they are overlooked due to their disability. We want to create a variety of opportunities for Deaf people to contribute to society and show the world all they have to offer.”

Amanda Crane

In 2017, Jim and Amanda Crane of Englewood, Colorado, established the Jimanda Foundation, a Donor Advised Fund at The Columbus Foundation, to support causes and organizations they are both passionate about. Jim and Amanda, who are both deaf, plan to use their foundation partly as a springboard to help provide opportunities to individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.


Community Sponsorships


CAPA Poetry Slam January 23, 2019
The Flood February 8-10, 2019
Community Cup September 28, 2019