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Community of Practice Design Fund



Community of Practice Design Fund

The Columbus Foundation’s Community of Practice Design Fund supports nonprofits in our Design Community of Practice to solve community problems with community members through participatory design projects. Successful design projects will partner with community members (“lived experts”) to understand problems and co-create solutions that improve community well-being.

Grant Application Guidelines


  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis; there is no specific deadline.
  • This is a program that supports the furtherance of design practice for those organizations that participated in the Stanford’s Designing for Social Systems Columbus program.
  • Nonprofit organizations that attended the Stanford’s Designing For Social Systems program in August 2020, and that are now part of the Community of Practice, are eligible to apply. 
  • Submit a description of 500 words or less via email describing your organization’s proposed project, including the challenge you would like to use co-design for, the beneficiaries of the project, its timeline, and why you think co-design would be a useful tool.



  • Grants will cover up to $10,000 in supporting design work.
  • Grant recipients will be expected to share their design experience with our Community of Practice to strengthen our collective community learning.
  • The Foundation will provide technical support to organizations to help them explore design opportunities, define scope, and frame design challenges, as well as help to identify design coaches/resources, and assist in projects, as necessary.
  • Grant applicants will set their own goals for the design project.

Staff Contacts


For questions, contact Heather Tsavaris