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L Brands Foundation



Grantmaking Focus


Considering that L Brands receives a significant number of funding requests annually, the competition for grant funding is rigorous, and they are confronted with making many tough decisions. As a result, they use a process that is thorough and fair, and leads to a wise investment, which ultimately pays dividends for the community. The L Brands Foundation’s grants focus on organizations serving the Columbus, Ohio; Kettering, Ohio; and New York City areas. First, the L Brands philanthropy staff reviews requests and forwards their recommendations for approval to a Contributions Committee. The Contributions Committee then approves specific grant parameters and sends its recommendations to L Brands Foundation Board of Trustees, which has final approval on all grants. The Board is comprised of seven community leaders from the central Ohio area. 

Grant Application Instructions


First Step: All grant applications begin with your review of L Brands’ community support, found on L Brands corporate website. Navigation links to information about grantmaking interest areas, associate involvement, and more can be found on the website.


Second StepAccess information and the online application for the foundation’s two grant cycles each year. All applications must be submitted using the online application process. Mailed or emailed requests will not be considered.

  • There are two application forms:
    • Operating/Program Support
    • Event Support (for fundraising events)
  • A separate application must be submitted for each request. (For example: if you request support for an after school program, a summer camp, and a fundraising luncheon, you must submit three applications—two using the Operating/Program Support Application and one using the Event Support Application.)
  • All applications must be submitted during the same grant cycle.
  • Apply during the Grant Cycle that provides a Decision Date prior to your event or start of your program. (For example: if your event is in July, apply at the March 30 deadline.)

Staff Contacts


If you have any questions, please email the L Brands Foundation staff.