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Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® Study Group

Each year, The Columbus Foundation partners with The American College of Financial Services to facilitate a study group for professionals who are interested in earning the Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® (CAP®) designation.




Ideal for nonprofit development professionals, financial advisors, trust officers, attorneys, accountants, and life insurance agents, the CAP® program provides advisors and fundraising professionals with a common body of knowledge and a common credential enabling them to collaborate effectively at the charitable planning table.


The curriculum consists of three courses, which provide insight into the process of philanthropic planning, including taxation, fundraising, purposeful planning, family dynamics, and strategic philanthropy:


  • Planning for Philanthropic Impact in the Context of Family Wealth: This course focuses on how clients and donors can use financial planning, estate planning, and gift planning to advance their personal financial goals for self and family, while also having a positive impact on their community.
  • Charitable Giving Strategies: This course focuses on the most common charitable strategies, tools, and techniques, and how they can be utilized—both individually and within a broad plan—to achieve donor goals for self, family, and community.
  • Gift Planning in a Nonprofit Context: The course is designed to help board leaders, advisors, and nonprofits collaborate to create, count, and steward significant gifts through effective gift planning.

The CAP® designation provides the knowledge and tools necessary to help your clients articulate and advance their highest aspirations for self, family, and society. Whether you’re interested in better serving donors or clients, growing your business, expanding your professional network, or becoming a more virtuous force in your community, CAP® can launch you toward achieving those goals. Additional curriculum and tuition information are available here.  



The Columbus Foundation hosts a study group for those who are interested in earning the CAP® designation. The study group is designed to be a networking opportunity to enhance the normal online program by providing a forum for discussion and real-life examples, as well as a source of accountability. The study group meets every other week from late March through October. Lunch is provided at no additional cost by The Columbus Foundation. Attendance is recommended but not mandatory. Each annual cohort is limited to 15 participants. 


For assistance, please contact Hilary Stone.

The CAP® designation has been an invaluable source of information and perspective. By fully understanding the roles and motivations of the various parties involved in charitable decisions—donors, advisors, nonprofits, family members—we are better equipped to unlock the most favorable and impactful outcome for all.”
Hilary Stone, MBA, CAP®
Senior Advisor for Donor Services