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Cultivating Success Fund
The Cultivating Success Fund is committed to providing grants to nonprofits that focus on strong support structures for families and individuals, allowing them to learn, grow, and cultivate success.

Elevating Communities, Cultivating Success.


At the heart of the fund is a group of Westerville North High School 2005 graduates, their spouses, and friends who are committed to impacting their communities for the better.


Our Values:


Unity // There is strength when we are united. By working together, we can learn and accomplish more than we would alone.


Growth // We recognize that the journey is never over. We strive to continuously learn and grow, as we help those around us do the same.


Responsibility // It is our civic duty to give back to our communities. Every decision we make is deliberate and important.


Who We Support:


We raise money to provide grants to community-focused organizations, whose missions are focused on providing basic needs or supporting growth in their neighborhoods. We look to provide tangible products or services to families and individuals of all backgrounds, cultures, faiths, and identities.


So far, we've been able to give grants to support the following organizations and programs. This is only the beginning of the impact we are working to create:


- Westerville Education Foundation - Many Voices Project

- We SPARK - Nurse Navigator Program

- first star - Alumni Program


Meaningful Impact...Together.


Learn more:


For more information or to get involved, contact us at

Committee Members

  • Matt Becker Treasurer
  • Sam Becker Advisor
  • Meredith Casto Creative Council
  • Joel Ehninger Advisor
  • Chris Hazzard Finance Committee
  • Laura Hazzard Media and Press Relations
  • Mike Ingersoll Advisor
  • Angie Leggett Advisor
  • Britney Murray Finance Committee
  • Donny Murray The Columbus Foundation Liaison
  • Jake Reamsnyder Finance Committee
  • Megan Reamsnyder Master of Ceremonies
  • Ed Skudder Creative Council
  • Colin Studebaker Advisor
  • Joanna Studebaker Director of Communications