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Frontline Medical Ukraine
Supporting operations that save lives and avoid preventable deaths of injured Ukrainians.

What We Do…

We raise money to support the training and operations of medics and first-line critical care physicians in Ukraine. Since February 2022, over half of Ukrainians who have died from their injuries could have been saved if medics and others were properly trained in basic lifesaving skills.  


The Frontline Medical Ukraine Fund provides training aids and support to qualified instructors who train medical providers. Necessity requires the providers remain near their assigned organizations, so training must be done in austere and usually dangerous areas.


Almost all injured Ukrainian soldiers and civilians are two to six hours transport from point of injury to the first physician in the chain of care. Consequently, life-threatening injuries must be effectively treated for prolonged periods by medics and other available personnel. This requires an acute and sustained need for both training and supplies. 


The Fund establishes a mobile medical training capacity as well as trauma-related medical supplies to medics, ambulance teams, and first-line emergency care physicians in Ukraine. This capacity includes vehicles and supplies for mobile medical instructor teams. 


Sustained attacks onto civilian population centers and medical care for civilians in recently liberated areas are mass casualty events that stress medical provider capacity and emphasizes the need for medical training and supplies. Imagine the Boston Marathon bombing event occurring 15 times daily and nightly in each region of our country and you can picture the need.



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