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Be Generous. Give Now.

3 Reasons to Support Local Nonprofits this Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday was created in 2012 as a simple idea—a day to encourage people to do good. Since then, this idea has grown into a global movement that inspires millions to celebrate generosity, show kindness, and come together to thank, help, give, and share—all in the name of strengthening and improving our community.

Reflecting on this year’s Giving Tuesday theme, Radical Generosity reminds me of organizations that practice radical hospitality—doing whatever it takes to invite, welcome, and care for others by breaking down barriers to community and belonging. Like Giving Tuesday, radical hospitality is rooted in the spirit of generosity and a reminder that we are tethered together.

We all have a role to play in addressing unmet opportunities and driving change in our community. While you are certainly being pulled in many directions this holiday season, here’s why you should consider leaning into generosity this Giving Tuesday by supporting the work of your favorite—or even new-to-you—nonprofits.

Your Gift Matters.

The work that the nonprofit sector is doing is distinctly urgent and important. Many nonprofits have clients who continue to be impacted by the ongoing effects of COVID-19 and are still finding their way forward amid revenue decreases which have forced many to shift how things are done in the organizations. According to Giving USA’s 2021 report, the go-to source for philanthropic data and insights, 69 percent of all giving in 2020 was done by individuals. Your individual gift is valued and appreciated and helps the nonprofits that you love do what they do best.

One of the best things about doing for others, even if you can only give a small amount, is the way it makes you feel. Visit the Center for HumanKindness for more resources to help you grow in kindness like this infographic on the science of giving!

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Strong Nonprofits = Strong Community.

Instead of a one-time investment, build a legacy of impact with a commitment of continued support to the causes and organizations you care about. Whether you become a regular volunteer or extend your philanthropy through a recurring gift, supporting your favorite nonprofits’ programs and services is an investment in the future of our community. Consider what more you may be able to do to support our community by giving our local organizations the stability they need to continue to tackle our most urgent needs through today and tomorrow.

We Can Go Further, Together.

There is a tremendous amount of innovation, resilience, and collaboration within our nonprofit community. Nonprofits, especially grassroots organizations, are deeply connected to community needs and because of that knowledge, they may respond to those needs differently than you’d expect.

Transformative community projects are possible when we work together. Let’s go further together by trusting these community experts to deliver upon their missions in the most meaningful ways. Your generosity will help local organizations continue to address current needs while preparing for 2022 and beyond—please consider an unrestricted gift to support the mission, professionals, and empathetic expertise.


Nov 30, 2021



Vice President – Community Research and Grants Management