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Nov 1, 2019


Amy Vick is the Director of Communications and Marketing at The Columbus Foundation.

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Remembering Dorothy Cage Evans

Dorothy Cage Evans’ dream was to ensure underserved and economically challenged youth in our community had the tools they needed to succeed in life. These tools far exceeded her investments in laptops, books, and school-related expenses, though her significant contributions to academic success cannot be understated. Over the course of 25 years, Dorothy and her family awarded hundreds of scholarships through the Cage Family Scholarship Fund and the Greater Columbus Community Helping Hands, Inc. Scholarship Fund.

However, Dorothy’s true gift laid in her ability to reveal to young people their own potential. By demonstrating her genuine care and affection for them, Dorothy instilled pride and self-confidence and inspired students to achieve greatness.  Her legacy will be seen in the successful lives of the students for whom she committed her time, resources, and love. Her dedication to others and contributions to our community will never be forgotten. While we mourn the loss of this extraordinary donor and friend, we honor Dorothy’s memory as a shining example of a life well lived.

“Her kindness and generosity always stood out. Her warm smile, kind words, and passion for young people are what I will remember about her.”

— Steven Moore, Director of Donor Services and Development, The Columbus Foundation

“Dorothy Cage Evans brought light and love into every space she occupied. Her passionate commitment to providing access and opportunity to local students in pursuit of a college degree is only one shining example of how Dorothy lived her life in service of others. Those of us who were fortunate to have known and worked with her will remember the dignity with which she walked, the compassion with which she spoke, and the grace with which she lived every moment of her life.” 

— David Brown, Founder and Creative Director, Harmony Project

“I remember when I looked into Mrs. Cage’s eyes, as she snuck a galaxy Samsung tablet in my GCHHs bag next to my touchscreen laptop, hearing her tell me, ‘you’re doing well, make sure you use it wisely.’ I watched her as she taught table etiquette at the dinner table for the big scholarship ceremony at the Hilton in Easton. She prepared not just me but many for the most memorable time in our lives, including walking across the stage in front of many successful Columbus community members and parents of the award recipients. I enjoyed every moment I got a chance to speak with her, and I even emailed her updates of my college experience and accomplishments at Denison University. She radiated a spirit of joy and grace every time you interacted with her. She will definitely be missed by me, and her sweet smile will always be a deep memory in my heart.”

— Cierra King, Greater Columbus Helping Hands Scholarship and Cage Family Scholarship recipient

“When presenting to the Greater Columbus Community Helping Hands (GCCHH) students, she held the attention of a room full of high school seniors with her soft-spoken gentility. It was obvious that she had inspired the students’ respect as she demonstrated how much she cared about them through her acts of generosity executed with humility.”

— Alicia Szempruch, Scholarships Officer, The Columbus Foundation