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Better Together

Fresh Food for All

Broad Street Presbyterian Church


Support for Broad Street Presbyterian Church will help purchase fresh, locally-grown produce from area farmers and growers to distribute through its Food Pantry’s Fresh for All program.

RAISED $5,850

Thanks to you and other generous donors, Broad Street Presbyterian Church (BSPC) will purchase fresh, locally-grown produce from area farmers and growers to distribute through its Fresh for All program.


BSPC has been a part of the local food system since 1971, distributing free food to families on the Near East Side of Columbus. BSPC’s food pantry strives to provide respect and dignity to all by giving clients the agency to choose their own food. Recently, the pantry established the Fresh for All program, which sources produce from local growers. This benefits small-scale farming partners with a fair, guaranteed price and simultaneously provides clients with fresh, nutritious produce from April through November. This new program helps the pantry meet the unprecedented rise in the number of clients seeking help while strengthening local farms and keeping food dollars circulating in the local economy.


Thank you for helping BSPC continue to meet the community’s nutritional needs.

We are Better Together!

“The Food Pantry has helped me and my neighbors and the people I come across at the COTA bus stop. I share the blessings. It helps me in so many ways. It makes me so happy.”


—Matilde Benedetti, Pantry Client and Volunteer


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Serve the city and its residents, and make a difference in the surrounding community and the world.

Better Together projects are time-sensitive opportunities to improve our community, together. Whether this campaign falls short or exceeds its goal, all donations will help fund this project.