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Better Together

Wound Care on the Go

The SOAR Initiative


Support for The SOAR Initiative will help purchase wound care kits for outreach workers.

RAISED $1,045.00
GOAL $3,000.00

The SOAR (Safety, Outreach, Autonomy, Respect) Initiative is a young, innovative harm reduction nonprofit founded in 2019 by a group of dedicated, passionate students at The Ohio State University. The organization works with government agencies, nonprofits, local activists, and communities throughout Ohio to implement innovative harm reduction strategies and to advocate for policies that save lives and prevent drug overdoses.


Individuals who are actively using drugs often have wounds or infections due to injection drug use, lack of access to clean supplies, or poor hygiene. These wounds can become severe and lead to further complications, including hospitalization or death. Effective wound care with harm reduction services and outreach can help prevent complications and infections, reducing the likelihood of hospital readmissions. Support for this Better Together project will help purchase wound care kits for outreach workers. These kits will include items such as antiseptic wipes and hand sanitizer for infection prevention; bandages, gauze, and tape for wound care; and disposable gloves for personal protection.

"Providing wound care quickly is more crucial than ever. Stigmatized and underinsured populations like people who use drugs are less likely to receive emergency medical care, and the earlier that wounds are treated, the better we can prevent the crisis from escalating to the point where amputation becomes a necessity."


—Pranav Padmanabhan, Executive Board Member

Equipping outreach workers with wound care kits will allow them to provide immediate support, educate patients about proper wound care techniques, promote hygiene practices, and encourage early intervention. With your help, The SOAR Initiative can continue to equip outreach workers with the necessary supplies to help those in need.


We are Better Together!


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The SOAR Initiative


Build up powerful, healthy communities of people who use drugs by implementing innovative harm reduction strategies that advance connection through technology and advocating for policies that promote a safe supply.

Better Together projects are time-sensitive opportunities to improve our community, together. Whether this campaign falls short or exceeds its goal, all donations will help fund this project.