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Quinn Sophia Quigley Foundation for Joy
To honor the unlimited joyful and loving spirit of Quinny and support Columbus Humane to ensure pets, especially cats, are healthy, happy, and in loving homes.

Quinn Sophia Quigley brought so much sunshine to the people who knew and loved her.  Her joy, her enormous heart, her empathy, her silliness, her smile. The list is endless. One of the things that stands out most is her love of animals. Quinn's first word wasn't mama or dada. Her first word was "ga." That doesn't mean anything to most people who may read this, but to her family, it meant "dog."  This little girl was drawn magnetically to animals. She was the girl who took bugs outside and built seashell houses for snails and hermit crabs at the beach. 


Quinn put quite a bit of effort into convincing her parents to adopt a kitten from Columbus Humane. Despite her dad’s allergies, she prevailed. She first met Magnolia at the ‘Party with the Pets’ event held by Columbus Humane. Every morning, Quinn would go into her parents’ bedroom in her pajamas, Magnolia under one arm. She was so...happy. During her last few days of life, she spent considerable time conspiring with her Uncle Phillip about how to get her parents to let her adopt another cat. She was in awe that he didn't have to stop at just one.  


Losing Quinn was the worst and hardest thing that has ever happened to Quinn’s family. Her family endures daily heartache in missing this special girl. Initially, it seemed impossible to even think about how to carry on her legacy, because that meant she is really gone from this life in the way that her family knew her. When they were finally able to ask themselves what it looks like to honor her and carry her spirit forward, the answer was easy. In her too-short life, Quinn loved animals and Quinn loved Columbus Humane. With the creation of the Quinn Sophia Quigley Foundation for Joy, her passion will live on by supporting Columbus Humane. She will be honored by strengthening and supporting those bonds between humans and their animal companions, especially cats. Quinn’s family is proud she is a part of the story of Columbus Humane and hope she will be a source of inspiration for all of those who share in her joy. We love you so very much Quinn.