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Kindness is an intentional commitment to honoring one another's humanity.



Our mission is to cultivate a culture of kindness that fosters a sense of belonging, and ultimately flourishing for all.







Spread Kindness

The merits of kindness have been affirmed by many faith traditions over thousands of years as a call to care for and treat our neighbors with compassion.


In honoring human dignity, acting with kindness inherently values individuals equally. Accessible to all in an endless supply, kindness is for everyone.


With well-documented benefits to the giver, recipient, and even bystanders, kindness has the power to transform mindsets, relationships, and even our health! Every kind act, big or small, matters.


Extend the ripples of kindness today by learning new ways to choose kindness in your daily lives, serving alongside your neighbors, and supporting the causes you care about.





Kindness is a skill strengthened through regular practice. As we build in kindness, we shift our mindsets to become more empathetic in our thoughts and attitudes.


Get inspired in your kindness journey by engaging with civic acts of kindness, conversation guides, kindness research, mindful meditations, and more!


How to Be Kind in Our World Right Now

Belonging Begins With Us

Greater Good in Action






Kindness takes courage. It means refusing to look away from difficult situations. One of the simplest ways to demonstrate kindness is to be present for others. In seeing them, and not looking past them, we develop a deeper understanding and empathy for those whose experiences are different from our own.


Serving others can be informal, like helping a neighbor in need, or it can be an organized effort, such as contributing to a mutual aid network or volunteering at a food pantry. To get started, search for ways you can be of service to your favorite nonprofit.



Organizations like Besa offer many ways to get involved in central Ohio and kid-friendly activities from Seeds of Caring engage the whole family in creating a kinder community!





Coming together in the spirit of solidarity and extending support to those most in need is an act of community kindness. It is a reminder that our wellbeing, health, and dignity are all bound up in each other—we are all in this together.


Explore opportunities to connect with community needs and offer your support to nonprofits.





Learn about timely opportunities to strengthen the fabric of our community. We are better together!


Help central Ohio individuals and families recover from an unexpected setback through an act of generosity.


Spread kindness by supporting causes and organizations making a difference in our community.


What’s New in the Kindness Community


Kindness Partners

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