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The Columbus Foundation Disaster Relief Fund
The Columbus Foundation is responsive to local, national, and international emergencies, natural disasters, and epidemics in need of support by identifying the organizations that provide immediate response and spearhead long-term recovery.

The Columbus Foundation Disaster Relief Fund is mobilized to support ongoing relief efforts in response to a local, national, or international disaster. Through disaster relief efforts, the Foundation's Community Research and Grants Management team identifies the most effective organizations that are often on site as the first and last responders.

Louisiana communities were battered by Hurricane Ida, causing widespread damage and leaving the city of New Orleans and hundreds of thousands of Louisiana residents in the dark with no clear timeline when the power will return. Relief efforts are underway, but residents are faced with the possibility of weeks without power.

The Foundation has mobilized The Columbus Foundation Disaster Relief Fund to help you provide support for those affected. All donations to this fund will benefit the American Red Cross, the Greater New Orleans Foundation's Hurricane Ida Disaster Fund, and The Salvation Army.


·   Hurricane Dorian - August 2019

·   Dayton Oregon District Tragedy - August 2019

·   Dayton Tornado Recovery - May 2019

·   Hurricanes Michael and Florence - September 2018

·   California Wildfires – October 2017

·   Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria – August-September 2017

·   Tainan Disaster Relief – February 2016

·   The Carolinas Flood Disaster Relief – October 2015

·   Ebola Epidemic – October 2014

·   Philippines Super Typhoon Relief – November 2013

·   Oklahoma City Tornado Recovery – May 2013

·   Japan's Rescue and Relief Efforts – March 2011