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Joanna M. Pinkerton and the team at COTA are Spirit of Columbus Award honorees for 2022!


Each year, to celebrate the anniversary of Jerrie Mock's landing after her record-breaking flight as the first woman to circle the globe, The Columbus Foundation recognizes members of our community with The Spirit of Columbus Award, affectionately known as The Jerries®.

The award is given to those who exhibit bravery, boldness, and determination through their efforts and accomplishments, just as Jerrie did.

This year, the Foundation is proud to honor Joanna M. Pinkerton, President/CEO, and all the individuals at Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) who’ve had a hand in keeping our community both safe and moving during a treacherous and perilous time—and remain poised to meet the future needs of our growing community.

“Given the challenges they overcome and the determination they show, COTA is the Spirit of Columbus coursing through our community every day.”

Doug Kridler, President and CEO, The Columbus Foundation

Congratulations to Joanna and the entire team at COTA for going above and beyond to show steadfastness, courage, and resolve by putting others first during unquestionably historic times—demonstrating the Spirit of Columbus remains alive and well in our community.




Apr 18, 2022


From left—Trudy Bartley, COTA Board of Trustees member and former Chair; Marcia Woods-Johnson, Learning and Development Trainer, COTA; Joanna M. Pinkerton, President/CEO, COTA; Craig Treneff, COTA Board of Trustees Chair, and Emile Williams, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, COTA