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The Columbus Foundation's Center for Corporate Philanthropy is designed to help established and new central Ohio businesses make their charitable investments—within the company and in the broader community—as cost-effective and efficient as possible.


Support Your Employees

The Emergency Assistance Program helps you support your employees through disaster and hardship.

Customize to Fit Your Values

We work with you to develop and implement a custom program that reflects your company values.

Partner to Provide Funds

With more than 75 years of philanthropic and grantmaking experience, we work with you to ensure funds are provided to assist your employees when they need it most—in an efficient, equitable, and discreet manner.


Our Donor Services and Development team is experienced, knowledgeable, and focused on the goals of your giving while honoring donor intent. We share a passion to help your generosity do the most good. Because that’s what truly matters.
"I'm here to help you create a support system that reflects your company values and helps your employees when the unexpected happens. Please contact me if you're interested in learning how to get started with a customized Emergency Assistance Program."
Stefanie Coffman
Manager of Corporate Philanthropy