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Dick Greer and his daughter, Lynn, at a Columbus Foundation event. Photo courtesy of Lynn Greer.

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A Gift from the Heart
Greer Foundation Grants $1 Million to Mid-Ohio Food Collective

Celebrating a proud legacy of giving was at the core of a recent decision by the Greer Foundation, a Supporting Foundation of The Columbus Foundation, to give an extraordinary $1 million gift to help Mid-Ohio Food Collective (MOFC) continue its mission to end hunger one nourishing meal at a time and co-create a community where everyone thrives.

“My father wanted to make a lasting gift,” explained Lynn Greer of her father Dick Greer, who established the foundation in 1995. “He really feels that it’s a critical point in our growth as a community and returning to some sense of normalcy from the pandemic, and he wanted to leave a legacy gift.”

The board discussed options based on what the foundation had supported in the past.

This incredible gift is a testament to the commitment of the Greer Foundation and its founder, Dick Greer, to positively impact our community. Through this $1 million grant to Mid-Ohio Food Collective, the foundation is continuing its mission to support not only youth, the focus of their grantmaking, but so many others who have been affected by COVID-19 and its ongoing challenges.


“Since we’re in the building industry, I thought he would naturally go back to shelter, but he was very clear that the most basic need was food and he wanted that to be the focus of his gift. So, this one comes from my father, from his heart.”

The gift will support MOFC’s Rooted in You campaign, launched in 2019 to support innovative and forward-thinking ways to focus on a healthy future as a collaborative.

Since its inception, the Greer Foundation has supported local nonprofits in a variety of areas, many of which are focused on youth, including funding to help youth experiencing homelessness through Huckleberry House and Star House, and the critical needs of kids coming out of foster care. Greer said many of the grants awarded over the past five years have been centered around making sure the foundation is playing an active role in that space.

“Then COVID hit and we pivoted in the 2020 grant cycle to really talk about the most basic need, which was food—and how the lack of having food in this community was playing a role during the pandemic,” Greer explained. “As a board, we started asking some hard questions about what role the Greer Foundation could play and where we could make the greatest amount of difference and reach youth and provide nutrition and food in general.”

Greer said her father is passionate about giving back, and encouraging others to do the same.

“He wants to demonstrate that Columbus is a very giving community. He was lucky enough to be successful here in his hometown. He’s hoping to raise the awareness not only of the work Mid-Ohio Food Collective is doing but the importance of giving in general.”