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Keith and Nadine Pierce Fund

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Nadine and Keith Pierce are supporting the efforts of nonprofits that provide critical food and shelter resources to the community.

For more than 30 years, Nadine and Keith Pierce have been happily donating their time to a variety of central Ohio nonprofit organizations. Nadine, a former home economist, and Keith, a retired insurance executive, both enjoy volunteering in the city they’ve called home since 1964.

“It was a way to give back and meet people who had similar ideas,” said Keith. “For a community to function, I think it is important that people get involved.”

When they decided to establish a fund at The Columbus Foundation, the couple chose to focus on tackling a growing demand for the most basic needs—food and shelter.

“Mid-Ohio Foodbank has such a good outreach program and they recognize how to best help people.”

—Nadine Pierce

Their Designated Fund, the Keith and Nadine Pierce Fund, supports Mid-Ohio Foodbank and Community Shelter Board, two organizations on the front lines of fighting hunger and homelessness in our community.

The couple also created a planned gift through the Foundation’s Legacy Society that will form the Keith and Nadine Pierce Greatest Needs Fund, an Unrestricted Fund that will be used to address community needs in the future.