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Harmony Project
Continuous Improvement Grantee


Harmony Project
Harmony Project Productions Inc. was established in 2010 as a way to bring neighbors and neighborhoods together around a common goal.

The mission of Harmony Project has three core tenets:

  • To sing—with music as diverse as its membership. When people of different backgrounds unite in artistic collaboration, they are transformed individually and collectively, inspiring their audience and community to action.
  • To serve—the local community by building, cleaning, painting, and planting. Harmony Project impacts neglected neighborhoods through hundreds of volunteers focused on creating one community out of many.
  • To share—its mission through film and social media, inspiring audiences in Columbus and beyond. They promote community issues deserving attention and highlight what happens when neighbors and neighborhoods work together.

Signature programs of the Harmony Project have benefited thousands of individuals, participants, and audience members through efforts like One Week One Neighborhood, South High Harmony, One Family-One Spirit of Columbus, and partnerships with Ohio Reformatory for Women, the Commons at Buckingham, and the Commons at Grant.

Grants from The Columbus Foundation’s Continuous Improvement category will focus on administration, operations, and programming components, which will help position Harmony Project into a stronger, more stable, and increasingly strategic organization—while rewarding and encouraging the creative, community-building programming that central Ohio has come to expect and admire.

The Foundation’s partnerships with Continuous Improvement grantees focus on increasing capacity to meet community need, improving program quality, inspiring innovative service delivery, and strengthening institutional infrastructure. In addition to funding, the Foundation offers these grantees technical assistance and hands-on support.