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Patrick Maynard, Ph.D., President and CEO of I Am Boundless, Inc.; David Bingle; and Darus Scott (seated). David and Darus are residents of one of four Intermediate Care Facilities operated by I Am Boundless, Inc.

I Am Boundless General Endowment Fund
Organization Endowment

Looking Toward the Future

For nearly 40 years, Boundless, which began operations in 1980 as Franklin County Residential Services (FCRES), has been a champion for individuals with developmental disabilities and/ or behavioral health challenges. The organization offers a wide variety of supports and services, ranging from vocational training and summer camp to residential services and family support.

Boundless works with more than 4,000 children, adolescents, adults, and their families across Ohio. The programs, resources, and services they provide help individuals and families lead their best lives.

In recent years, a shift was made to better align with the emerging needs in many Ohio communities for expertise in areas such as managed care, autism, and vocational and employment services. FCRES wasn’t equipped to take on the expanded role, so the organization strategically began to enter into managed agreements with smaller nonprofits that could help bridge that gap. In 2017, FCRES became I Am Boundless, Inc.

“Boundless is a family of companies committed to building a world that realizes the boundless potential of all people.”
—Patrick Maynard, Ph.D., President and CEO

The name “Boundless” was actually suggested by a staff member and comes from the organization’s nearly 40-year commitment to empowering individuals with the freedom and opportunity to live boundless lives.

“Collaboration has been absolutely critical to both our restructuring and our overall growth,” explained Patrick Maynard, Ph.D., President and CEO. “We have been, and continue to look for, partners who share our organizational vision and can expand our ability to provide full-service care and support to the people we serve.”

In 2007, the organization established what is now the I Am Boundless, Inc. General Endowment Fund and then, in 2013, the I Am Boundless, Inc. Program Endowment Fund. Both were created as endowment funds to take into account the future needs of the organization.

“Having a financial foundation provided by endowments helps us know we’ve got resources beyond our annual budget which we might use to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves,” Dr. Maynard said.

Dr. Maynard believes the organization will continue to evolve to meet the needs of the people Boundless serves and their families.

“We will continue to grow, geographically and programmatically, where it makes sense and where we are needed. In short, I really do see our future as, well, boundless.”

A Snapshot of Boundless Programs

Family living programs include:

  • Parent-Directed Program Family support services
  • Emergency and planned respite services
  • Child and adolescent autism services

Community living programs include:

  • Supported living
  • Licensed homes (ICF/IDD) Multi-system youth programs
  • Inclusion programs include:
  • Community engagement
  • Summer camp
  • Pre-employment training services Vocational exploration and training