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Pictured: Cindy Monroe at the Thirty-One Gifts headquarters at Easton.

Fund Name
Thirty-One Gives Fund
Donor Advised Fund

Thirty-One Gives Fund

At the heart of Thirty-One Gifts is a spirited woman dedicated to making a difference in the lives of women and their families. 

Cindy Monroe, founder, president, and CEO of Thirty-One Gifts, started the direct selling company in the basement of her Chattanooga home in 2003. Her goal was to provide financial opportunities that empower and inspire women. With business booming, and the company expanding, Cindy moved the headquarters to Johnstown, Ohio in 2008. Through her vision, she has changed the lives of more than 100,000 women who have chosen to join the business as independent sales consultants.

“I’m proud of the impact I’ve had on families—whether it’s our employees, in our communities, or with our sales consultants, I just get to hear so many amazing stories,” Cindy said. 

The company introduced Thirty-One Gives to manage its charitable giving in 2012 and hit the ground running, providing incredible support to a variety of programs and nonprofit organizations focused on girls, women, and families. Since then, the company has donated more than $36 million in products and cash to nonprofit organizations committed to these areas.

 “My mission is all about helping women, and I feel very passionate about that.”

—cindy monroe

“I think so many people want to give back but don’t know how,” Cindy said. “I love what we’ve been able to do through Thirty-One Gives in organizing and being able to invite people to give back. When we started looking at developing our charitable program with Thirty-One Gives, we wanted to focus on women, and what’s most important to her.”

In 2011, the company established its first fund, the Thirty-One Gives U R U Fund, which is supported by the U R U Collection, cause-related products in its catalogs, as well as Gives Round Up!, giving customers the chance to round up their total purchase to the next dollar to support the fund.

In 2013, the Thirty-One Gives Home Office Charitable Fund was created to support the company’s home office communities; and, in 2014 the Cindy Monroe Values and Vision Endowed Scholarship Fund was launched in Cindy’s honor to celebrate the company’s 10-year anniversary. The fund supports the development of girls in the Chattanooga community where Cindy is from, and the business launched. 

“We truly are a family of consultants, hostesses, customers, and employees all dedicated to building strong confident girls and women through our charitable efforts,” Cindy said.