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Better Together

Camp for Kids, Recovery for Moms

Amethyst: A recovery program of Alvis, Inc.


SummerQuest gives children whose parents struggle with substance abuse the positive experience of summer camp. Help secure the space needed for camp this June!

RAISED $322.65
GOAL $3,000.00

Summer camp gives kids the space they need to experience adventure, friendship, and fun. It strengthens self-confidence and creates bonds between young people.


Those bonds can be tricky to build when a camper feels different than other kids. For children whose parents struggle with substance abuse, it’s easy to feel different. SummerQuest day camp offers children whose mothers are in substance abuse treatment at Amethyst a summer full of all the fun and activities of a regular camp in an environment where they can relate to their fellow campers.


SummerQuest also recognizes the unique challenges of campers with parents in recovery. In addition to playing games and taking fun field trips, specially trained camp counselors help educate at-risk campers on how to make good behavioral choices through engaged group learning. Moms can focus on improving their own well-being, knowing their children are in a safe environment.

"It gave me a sense of security knowing that someone was caring not only for me but had the best interest for my son while I worked on being the best me and parent!"


 — Mariah, Amethyst client and mother

Your support for this project will provide the funds Amethyst needs to host SummerQuest at a local church. Give today to help kids enjoy long summer hours of fun and friendship at camp this June!

"Better Together funding for the church host location will ensure that every one of our Amethyst kids will have the opportunity to experience a positive and structured summer full of activity, creativity, friendship, and probably most importantly… laughter."


 — Linda Janes, Amethyst Managing Director


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Better Together projects are time-sensitive opportunities to improve our community, together. Whether this campaign falls short or exceeds its goal, all of the gifts made will support the SummerQuest day camp for children.
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