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Better Together

Gift Cards for Families

Home for Families


Support for Home for Families will help purchase gift cards to distribute to families in need.

RAISED $6,750.00
GOAL $7,500.00

For over 35 years, Home for Families (HFF) has helped families in our community by being inclusive, genuine, innovative, and adaptable. HFF works to provide individual wraparound services for each person based on their specific needs and goals to provide them a path to housing, financial, and educational stability. 


“We all face new fiscal choices due to inflation, but the families we serve at Home for Families are choosing between critical expenditures. As the cost of rent, food, and gas skyrocket, choices between the three are very real” said HFF Board of Trustees Chair Douglas Johns. Gift cards help families keep gas tanks and cupboards full and allow them to purchase the household and personal items they need.

“Gift cards allow for food choices and personal care items that reflect our families’ diverse cultures, and allow our clients the independence of selecting such personal items.”


—Amy Robinson, Vice Chair, Board of Trustees

Support for this Better Together project will help HFF purchase gift cards to distribute to families it serves. Gift cards allow families the freedom, flexibility, and independence to make the purchases that best fit their family, home, and culture. Whether supplementing grocery budgets, school supplies, or personal hygiene products, gift cards are an invaluable resource to these families. 


We are Better Together!



Home for Families


Believes families deserve and have the right to housing, financial, and educational stability.

Better Together projects are time-sensitive opportunities to improve our community, together. Whether this campaign falls short or exceeds its goal, all donations will help fund this project.