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Better Together

Hands-on Gardening Education

Local Matters


Learning gardens inspire kids to engage with the food they grow, and help them understand the impact that food has on our health. Help replace a damaged truck and connect kids to growing at 20 gardens this summer!

RAISED $2,843.82
GOAL $14,000.00

Kids who grow veggies eat veggies! That's why Local Matters invites youth into the garden to learn where food comes from and how it grows. Hands-on education in the garden helps children develop confidence, leadership skills, and healthy behaviors.

Your support will give thousands of children from food-insecure communities the opportunity to grow food, be more physically active, and eat healthier foods. Specifically, gifts to this Better Together campaign will support the purchase of a new truck, replacing an irreparable truck that was damaged last year. Transporting supplies and harvested produce is vital to Local Matters’ gardening programming across central Ohio.

Without this vehicle, Local Matters will be unable to prepare over 20 garden sites for youth education or distribute food from the gardens to people in our community.

“I appreciate when you teach us the different food like kale chips, salad, my favorite potatoes, cranberries, and smoothies. At home, I made kale chips and I put olives on it. I liked it because it was flavorful. Thank you for teaching us the four seasons when you grow, harvest, and plant.”


Food Matters in the Garden student

With your $25 contribution, you will be eligible to receive a free Local Matters magnet. At the $50 level, you will be eligible to receive a free basil plant and magnet. With a $100 gift, you will be eligible to receive a free Local Matter magnet, a free basil plant, and a free parsley plant.*

Join us to connect kids to hands-on experiences in central Ohio gardens! We are Better Together!

* These gifts will be available for pick-up at a community celebration within two weeks after the completion of this campaign. If you have immediate questions about these gifts, please contact Will Petrik at or 614-263-5662.


Local Matters


Inspire action because food impacts the quality of our health, land, and communities; and, educate individuals about what healthful food is, how to grow it, cook it, and access it affordably.

Staff Contact
Better Together projects are time-sensitive opportunities to improve our community, together. Whether this campaign falls short or exceeds its goal, all gifts will support hands-on gardening education programs at Local Matters.
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