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Better Together

Loads of Love and Laundry

St. Vincent Family Center


Your support will provide a healthy home environment for children ages 5-13 in St. Vincent's Residential Program. Funds will purchase two commercial washers and dryers for the daily laundering of linens and clothing for up to 35 children.

RAISED $1,063.10
GOAL $6,310.00

Children arrive in the Residential Program at St. Vincent Family Center on Columbus’ near east side at all hours of the day, on any given day of the week, often with nothing more than what few items they own and no place to call home.


For more than 140 years, St. Vincent has been offering hope and security to children in need. As part of its programming, St. Vincent provides a continuum of mental and behavioral health services; including a Residential Program in which it serves some of the highest-need youth ages 5-13 in the community.


The center is currently in desperate need of two commercial-grade washers and dryers to meet the continuous, everyday needs of the children it serves. With a maximum of 35 residents at one time, the laundry quickly piles up. In addition, the center frequently experiences above average laundry needs due to often uncontrollable results of trauma and abuse these children have faced.


The commercial washers and dryers will reduce down time due to repairs and allow for more consistent use. As St. Vincent continually accepts new clients into its care, this project will impact many children for years to come.

The installation of commercial-grade washers and dryers will make a significant impact for both our children and our care team here in our Residential Program. We will be able to manage several loads of laundry in a safe, more efficient way, freeing up more time for peer-to-peer and staff-led activities and ensuring quick accessibility to clean, comfortable clothing and bedding for our children. Providing our children with a clean, safe environment is our priority, and this new equipment will certainly help us achieve that!”


 — Lea Blair, Vice President, Residential & Foster Care


St. Vincent Family Centers


Make good kids better by providing pediatric behavioral healthcare within a learning community to change the lives of children and families.

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Better Together projects are time-sensitive opportunities to improve our community, together. Whether this campaign falls short or exceeds its goal, all of the gifts made will support the residential laundry remodel at St. Vincent Family Center.
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