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Better Together

Mentors Matter

Halt Violence


Support for Halt Violence will help employ an additional street mentor in Columbus this summer.

RAISED $2,170.00
GOAL $8,000.00


Halt Violence’s focus is on saving lives through street mediation and changing minds through mentorship. One of the 2022 Columbus Foundation 5 Nonprofits to Watch, it is committed to helping mediate disputes ahead of violence and to creating a solid foundation for youth, young adults, and adults in our community. 

Stress and danger are constant for the young people that Halt Violence serves. Most do not have positive role models or support systems, and don’t know how to disentangle themselves from their violent affiliations or their lives on the street. This often leads to risky decisions that, if not fatal, can result in incarceration.

“You have to meet youth where they at. When you listen instead of looking down on 'em, you can address their real needs. It’s a positive domino effect that has proven to save lives and change minds on the streets of Columbus."


—Thell Robinson, III, Founder & CEO

Halt Violence’s street mentor program employs young people in Columbus neighborhoods to de-escalate violence and guide at-risk youth toward productive, nonviolent lives. Through discussions and mentoring, a street mentor encourages clients to think critically and logically about the consequences of their actions and how they can resolve the conflicts in their lives without resorting to violence. 


With warmer weather comes an increase in street violence. Support for this Better Together project will help employ an additional street mentor in Columbus this summer. If nonviolence is going to be a way of life, it demands mentorship—someone who can provide the mental, emotional, and career skill training needed for a better future. With your help, Halt Violence can expand its mission of nonviolence and education.


We are Better Together!


Halt Violence


Squash beef and save lives.

Better Together projects are time-sensitive opportunities to improve our community, together. Whether this campaign falls short or exceeds its goal, all donations will help fund this project.