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Better Together

Moving the Future of Fashion Forward

Columbus Fashion Alliance (CFA)


Support for Columbus Fashion Alliance (CFA) will help purchase a 15-passenger van to move the future of fashion forward.

RAISED $1,475.00
GOAL $15,000.00

Columbus Fashion Alliance (CFA) is a collective of creatives, entrepreneurs, civic partners, and community and industry leaders passionate about the fashion industry in Columbus. Its goal is to support the creation and growth of creatives and fashion-based businesses through learning, making, innovating, and experiencing. Since 2020, CFA has successfully reinvested nearly half a million dollars into the Columbus community through paid internships, the Slay Safe mask-making campaign, and a variety of other community programs.


CFA has launched an innovative after school youth mentorship program that will serve Columbus City School students. It will provide an in-depth education on the entire fashion industry from experts across multiple areas. Students will learn about the fashion production cycle before and after a product hits the shelves, providing often-excluded youth with positive role models.

"This program has shown me the ins and outs of the industry, how much I want to be in it, how dedicated you have to be, and has made me look at brands less as a big name but more the story of ups and downs behind them."


—​Greg Simpson, Future of Fashion Intern

Support for this Better Together project will help purchase a 15-passenger van to accommodate participants who require transportation, and to facilitate field trips throughout the program. The van will be branded to increase visibility for the organization's mission, and will be used for a variety of community outreach and engagement events. Help CFA move the future of fashion forward today!


We are Better Together!

"This campaign will take CFA into the community, lowering another barrier of access and allowing us to bring fashion into the community."


—Yohannan Terrell, Director


Columbus Fashion Initiative dba Columbus Fashion Alliance


Advance the region’s position as a fashion capital by increasing accessibility to the industry for all aspiring designers, makers, and entrepreneurs.

Better Together projects are time-sensitive opportunities to improve our community, together. Whether this campaign falls short or exceeds its goal, all donations will help fund this project.