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Better Together

Mowing Places

Heart of Unlimited Boundaries


Give young adults on the autism spectrum the opportunity to learn new skills and plan for the future by supporting Mowing Places, an effective vocational training program focused on job readiness.

RAISED $1,070.00
GOAL $8,000.00

Among the many challenges faced by those on the autism spectrum is the ability to secure gainful employment. Routine, patterns, limited social stimuli, and room to move are the comfort zone for many on the spectrum. Mowing Places allows young adults with autism to learn the valuable skill of professional lawn care while aligning with the requirements of their comfort zone. This program is designed to move learners from safe practice to employment in the lawn care industry at their own pace, helping them to establish a career that provides a regular routine. 


Support for this project will allow Heart of Unlimited Boundaries (The HUB) to purchase commonly used lawn care equipment including a zero-turn mower, lawn tractor, trimmer, and leaf blower for the program.


With your help, this new equipment will expand the number of individuals who can benefit from the Mowing Places program.

“Heart of Unlimited Boundaries has a unique perspective on this ‘disability’; instead of confronting them with expectations impossible to meet, we identify opportunities where the individual can leverage their needs to their own success. The need is obvious, and the impact is tangible”  


Rocky Grimes, Executive Director


Heart of Unlimited Boundaries


Support individuals with disabilities or critical illnesses, their families, and their service providers by offering recreational activities; therapeutic programs and services; and integration activities.

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Better Together projects are time-sensitive opportunities to improve our community, together. Whether this campaign falls short or exceeds its goal, all gifts will support the Mowing Places vocational training program.
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