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Better Together

One Child, One Bed

Joseph's Coat of Central Ohio


For too many struggling families, beds for their children are a luxury they can’t afford. Children without access to their own beds suffer from lack of sleep, impacting their health and ability to learn. Your gift will provide 50 children with their own new beds!

RAISED $4,075.00
GOAL $6,000.00

Sara, her older sister, and their mother recently fled an abusive environment. After a short stay in a shelter, they moved into an apartment where the three share a single bed. Sara, the youngest, is the first to crawl into bed at night. Just as she falls asleep, her older sister awakens her when she gets into bed. After a while, Sara again begins to doze off but is awakened when her mother comes to bed, pulls the covers over herself and off Sara. Throughout the night, the three play tug-a-war with the sheets and blanket to get comfortable.

In central Ohio, the realities of families sharing a bed are not uncommon. As a child grows, however, the need increases for their own space to sleep. Adequate sleep helps kids fight off germs and has been shown to reduce obesity. Our brain’s organizational, planning, and problem-solving skills are impaired by lack of sleep. Fatigue impacts behavior and causes kids to become easily frustrated and distracted.


Joseph’s Coat of Central Ohio offers help to central Ohio families living in the margins, providing stepping stones for families living paycheck to paycheck—a bed, a pair of jeans, a blanket, or set of dishes to stretch their budget.


In 2017, 399 families received furniture from Joseph’s Coat, from couches and kitchen tables to chairs, dressers, side/end tables, and lamps. This included 393 mattresses!

Your support for this Better Together project will be used to purchase twin mattresses and platform frames to ensure children like Sara can get a good night’s sleep so they are ready to take on the world!


Joseph's Coat of Central Ohio Inc.


Love and serve our neighbor by offering stepping stones toward self-sufficiency for individuals and families struggling with material poverty.

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Better Together projects are time-sensitive opportunities to improve our community, together. Whether this campaign falls short or exceeds its goal, all gifts will support the purchase of new beds for children.
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