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Better Together

Recovery Launch Kits

The Refuge


Support for The Refuge will help men recovering from addiction in the next phase of their lives.

RAISED $1,085.00
GOAL $7,500.00

Since 1999, The Refuge has assisted nearly 4,000 men suffering from addiction, helping them to become free from the compulsion to drink or use drugs and go on to live purposeful and productive lives. It offers a 13-month program that involves four distinct phases. Free for men 18 and older, The Refuge is one of only a handful of organizations nationally providing this service, with an average of 40 participants graduating each year. It offers central Ohio residents a tangible community asset focused on addressing the ever-growing mental health crisis from the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing opioid epidemic.

"Helping men overcome addiction and launch responsible and purposeful lives free from addiction is what we do here at The Refuge. Ensuring a successful launch once graduated is the key to the equation when it comes to achieving sustained and successful recovery." 


—​​Wes Thompson, Executive Director

Support for this Better Together project will provide “launch kits” for men who are completing The Refuge. These are men who were once addicts and now have earned more than one year clean and sober, secured a full-time job, acquired a reliable form of transportation, and belong to a community group and place of worship. The kits will include gift cards toward food, hygiene, fuel, and household necessities, and cost an average of $150 each. Help support men recovering from addiction as they move on to the next phase of their lives.


We are Better Together!

“The Refuge is like no other. Men completing The Refuge are uniquely restored to wholeness and purpose, free from the compulsion to drink or use drugs. Seeing that their launches are successful helps them lock in the incredible progress they make at The Refuge.” 



—Chris Cook, Director of Development


The Refuge Ohio


Offers a 13-month residential rehab for men struggling with drug and alcohol addiction at absolutely no cost and no insurance needed. 

Better Together projects are time-sensitive opportunities to improve our community, together. Whether this campaign falls short or exceeds its goal, all donations will help fund this project.