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Better Together

Save the Baby Animals

Ohio Wildlife Center


Thousands of infant and orphaned animals are brought to Ohio Wildlife Center each spring and summer. Your support will provide animal formulas that will help them survive and thrive!

RAISED $3,146.01
GOAL $5,000.00

As central Ohio’s population expands, so does its use of land. When this happens, wildlife habitats are threatened. As Ohio’s largest wildlife animal hospital, Ohio Wildlife Center takes in and cares for more than 2,000 infant and orphaned animals, just between the months of April-August.

Due to their weight, size, and age, these animals require intensive feeding, care, and attention. Special feeding formulas for wild animal babies at the hospital now cost upwards of $6,000 a year. This amount can nearly double depending on each busy season’s intake of infants, including rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, Virginia Opossums, ducks, and geese.

With time and care from hundreds of volunteers, these babies grow and get stronger to reach Ohio Wildlife Center’s goal—to release them back to the wild where they can thrive in their natural environment.

Ohio Wildlife Center’s Hospital treated and cared for 5,286 animals from 145 different species in 2017, 500 more animals than the year before.

"Each spring and summer the Wildlife Hospital receives thousands of wildlife animal babies needing round-the-clock care and special formulas. Their survival depends on us to take care of them until they can grow strong enough to go back to the wild. Please help us help wildlife."


— Casey Philips, Director of the Wildlife Hospital

Your support for this Better Together project will provide baby animals with formula that will help them survive and thrive!


Ohio Wildlife Center


Foster awareness and appreciation of Ohio's native wildlife through rehabilitation, education, and wildlife health studies.

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Better Together projects are time-sensitive opportunities to improve our community, together. Whether this campaign falls short or exceeds its goal, all gifts will support round-the-clock care for baby animals.
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