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Better Together

Saving Our Songbirds

Ohio Wildlife Center


Save Neotropical migratory birds traveling through Columbus this fall! With your help, Ohio Wildlife Center can continue to rescue and rehabilitate injured songbirds during their migration and transport them to their free Wildlife Hospital for care to get them back to the wild.

RAISED $4,587.35
GOAL $5,000.00

Millions of birds migrate through Ohio during peak migration periods in spring and fall, with night migration posing a significant threat for those moving through urban corridors. Lights on tall buildings or aimed at the sky can cause disorientation and lead to birds striking windows or circling buildings until they fall from exhaustion. An estimated 500 million birds perish each year in North America due to human-linked causes such as collisions with buildings. Few birds injured within urban centers ever reach a wildlife hospital with capabilities to assess and treat them.


For more than three decades, Ohio Wildlife Center (OWC) has provided critical services for animals, including rescue, rehabilitation, and medical care for injured and orphaned wildlife. Your support of this Better Together campaign will save Neotropical migratory birds traveling through Columbus this fall. With your help, OWC’s program, known as Lights Out Columbus, can continue to rescue and rehabilitate injured songbirds during their migration and transport them to their free Wildlife Hospital for care to get them back to the wild.

“This is a crucial conservation effort to save our songbirds and educate the public about threats and hazards to their survival in our community. We can, and must, do more about decreasing human-caused bird fatalities.”


— Stormy Gibson, Director of Education Ohio Wildlife Center

Ohio Wildlife Center launched Lights Out Columbus in March 2019 during the spring migratory season. Over 62 days, 57 volunteers canvased downtown Columbus streets seven days a week and rescued injured birds until the spring migration season ended in June. In total, 35 species of birds were collected through this effort. Of the injured songbirds treated at the Wildlife Hospital, 92% recovered and were released to continue their migratory journey. 


When volunteers find an injured bird, they are rushed to the Wildlife Hospital to receive an exam, supportive care, nutrition, and a quiet place to recuperate. Their caloric requirements are extremely high, so the hospital provides high-quality diets, specific to each species of feathered travelers. In the spring, food, equipment and supplies, and professional veterinary services for the birds cost upwards of $5,000, and OWC anticipates a similar expense during the fall migration.


The fall migration season begins in mid-August and the second phase of Lights Out Columbus is poised to save even more of our Neotropical migratory songbirds. Your gift will make an immediate impact to medically treat and provide species-specific nutrition at the hospital so the injured birds can recover and return to their migratory path South for the winter months.     


We are Better Together!


Ohio Wildlife Center


Foster awareness and appreciation of Ohio's native wildlife through rehabilitation, education, and wildlife health studies.

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Better Together projects unite the community to support real-time needs, together. Whether this campaign falls short or exceeds its goal, all gifts will support Ohio Wildlife Center's efforts to rescue and rehabilitate injured Neotropical songbirds during the fall migration.