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Better Together

Shine a Light on Solar Power

Stratford Ecological Center


Stratford Ecological Center is reducing carbon emissions and teaching children about the benefits of renewable energy. Your gift today will provide a source of renewable energy for years to come!

RAISED $517.65
GOAL $8,000.00

Stratford Ecological Center teaches children and adults the relationships between living things and their environment, fostering an appreciation of the land and all life that depends on it. A visit to this 236-acre organic farm and nature preserve introduces visitors to a wide range of activities, from maple sugar production and beekeeping, to organic gardening and llama shearing! This wonderful place is a delightful destination for kids, and kids at heart.

In addition to sustainable agricultural, horticultural, and forestry practices, Stratford is demonstrating their commitment to the environment with a shift to solar power. With the installation of 156 solar panels and a geothermal heating system, Stratford will reduce annual operating expenses by $8,000, and savings will be directed to programs for children. Using solar panels to power the farm will lower Stratford’s annual carbon emissions by 29 metric tons! With over 15,000 children and adults visiting Stratford each year, the solar arrays will also create opportunities to educate and promote solar electric production with interactive displays like a solar playground, car chargers, cell phone chargers, and more!

“I am so proud to be part of an organization that WALKS THEIR TALK. Not only solar, but along with geo-thermal heating and cooling, sustainable farming practices, maintaining our own water wells, and practicing conservation on every inch of our 236 acres, Stratford truly is a model in our community of sustainability.”


 — David Hoy, Stratford Ecological Center Staff

Stratford has secured over $80,000 toward this project. All funds raised through Better Together campaign will go directly toward the purchase of solar panels and educational exhibits.


Interested in volunteering? Stratford is looking for "Solar Educators” to help lead tours and actively teach visitors, especially children, about the wonders of solar and solar energy production. Join others on the Solar Education committee to brainstorm on expanding renewal energy education initiatives as a dynamic evolving program. Visit Stratford’s website to learn more!


Stratford Ecological Center Inc.


Foster understanding and appreciation for the environment by providing a hands-on experiential educational center that demonstrates principles of sustainable agriculture while preserving the ecosystem.


Staff Contact
Better Together projects are time-sensitive opportunities to improve our community, together. Whether this campaign falls short or exceeds its goal, all of the gifts made will support the purchase of solar panels and educational exhibits at Stratford Ecological Center.
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