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Better Together

Supporting Survivors

Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services


Support for Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services' (ETSS) Family Care program will help provide housing, emergency services, and basic needs for survivors of abuse.

RAISED $4,185.00
GOAL $5,000.00

Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services’ (ETSS) Family Care program focuses on bringing culturally specific outreach and services to refugee and immigrant women and families in central Ohio who are survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, human trafficking, and stalking situations. The program aims to empower by providing support, tools, and information to combat violence.


Circumstances for immigrant and refugee survivors have been increasingly difficult due to the pandemic and uncertainty surrounding immigration cases. Most funds from federal and state grants have decreased significantly, eliminating the organization’s emergency services budget. 

“The survivors that the ETSS Family Care department serves have experienced trauma that has the potential to impact their ability to provide themselves and their families with necessary resources. Access to funds would give the Family Care department a huge advantage in helping its clients – being able to provide funding for food, diapers, emergency hotel stays, and more will take a huge weight off the shoulders of both the clients and of the staff who serve them.” 


—Cara Sieber, OSU Intern

Your support for this Better Together project will help provide housing, emergency services, and basic needs for survivors, many of whom are mothers. It will meet the most immediate needs for clients, including food, diapers, emergency hotel stays, and utility and rental assistance. Help ETSS Family Care give survivors the opportunity to stand on their own two feet so they are no longer reliant on their abuser. 


We are Better Together!

“People do not choose to be a victim. They need people who support them and share their pain. Our clients who are in such conditions have usually lost everything. When they come to us, they come to ETSS to seek help with the basic needs they are deprived of by their partner. Our emergency supports and services not only change sad faces to smiles but also brings a sense of ‘I am not alone.’ That is where the journey of healing begins.” 


—Beniam Cherinet, ETSS Family Care Advocate



Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services


Assist, integrate, and celebrate central Ohio’s immigrant and refugee population through education, services, and development opportunities.

Better Together projects are time-sensitive opportunities to improve our community, together. Whether this campaign falls short or exceeds its goal, all donations will help fund this project.