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Racial Equity Grants

Greater equity is prioritized through programs and initiatives that benefit Black and Brown people.


The Foundation commits to working with community partners to expand economic opportunities that help close the racial and gender wealth gaps, expand community knowledge by supporting racial equity and awareness trainings, work with community partners to reduce disparities across the equity stratum, and more deeply engage in the work of creating more just and equitable systems across our community.


To include and serve the needs of all our residents, the Foundation has evolved its grantmaking to better reflect the intersecting equity of race with class, gender, and climate change.


The Foundation will prioritize nonprofit programs or initiatives that are intentionally and purposely designed to promote the following:


  • Economic Opportunity: Programs and initiatives that increase economic mobility for Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) members of Franklin County.    
  • Awareness and Training: Programs and initiatives, focused on the broader community, that support training and education in areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion. (Applications should not focus on trainings for a sole organizational entity, e.g. staff training of applying organization.)
  • Disparity Reduction: Programs and initiatives that reduce the disparity between BIPOC members of Franklin County and the larger community.
  • System Change: Programs and initiatives that address issues of structural and systemic inequities.


The deadlines for Racial Equity Grants are the first Friday in March and September. The application will be available one month before the deadline. View Deadlines and Open Houses for more information.


For assistance, please contact Dan Sharpe.