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Ingram-White Castle Foundation

Ingram-White Castle Foundation


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Grantmaking Focus


The grantmaking of the Ingram-White Castle Foundation (IWCF) reflects the interests of both the Ingram Family and White Castle System, Inc., as its name suggests. Although IWCF is primarily interested in supporting projects in the field of education, the Foundation’s mission is much broader.


The Foundation supports programs that:

  • Serve disadvantaged students and help them achieve academic success;
  • Help prepare students for the world of work;
  • Strengthen educational institutions; and
  • Address critical human service needs.


Priority is given to those projects that:

  • Encourage matching gifts or additional funding from other donors;
  • Yield substantial benefits to the community for the resources invested; and
  • Promote cooperation among agencies without duplicating services.


Generally, grants are not made for religious purposes, budget deficits, conferences, or projects that are normally the responsibility of a public agency. Support is generally given for one year. Grants are made primarily in the central Ohio area.

Grant Application Instructions


The Ingram-White Castle Foundation has two grantmaking deadlines per year: January 15 and August 1. A link to the online Letter of Intent Form for the January 15, 2022 deadline will be available on this page beginning December 1, 2021.


A link to the online Letter of Intent (LOI) Form will be available on this page beginning in December for the January deadline and in July for the August deadline. View Workshops & Deadlines for specific dates. Organizations are asked to review the Foundation’s mission, values and grantmaking focus to determine whether their Letter of Intent (LOI) is aligned with the Foundation’s grantmaking interests. Only those LOIs that best fit the IWCF’s grantmaking interests will be forwarded to the full proposal stage. The applicants that move to this phase of the proposal process will be notified of the full-application deadline via email. Decisions for grant awards are announced by the end of June and December.


For those unfamiliar with the Foundation’s application process, you are encouraged to attend one of the Grant Opportunity Open House events that are held throughout the year. These events provide an opportunity for nonprofit organizations to meet the staff managing grant processes for Supporting Foundations and The Columbus Foundation. View Workshops & Deadlines for specific dates.

Examples of Past Grants


  • Columbus Literacy Council: $25,000 to support the Families Involved Together literacy program.
  • Alvis, Inc.: $40,000 to support the GED program.
  • Gladden Community House: $10,000 to support the preschool program serving Franklinton and the near west side communities.
  • New Directions Career Center: $20,000 to support core programs.
  • Westerville Area Resource Ministry (WARM): $15,000 to support the Child Nutrition Program.

Reporting Requirements


All grantees must complete a final report (Word or PDF format). Final reports are generally due 30 days following the project grant period. Please refer to your grant agreement for the exact deadline date. Please note that if a grantee applies for a new grant from the Ingram-White Castle Foundation before an existing grant’s final report deadline, staff will contact the grantee regarding submission of a progress report or early submission of their final report.

Publicity for Approved Grants


IWCF asks all nonprofit organizations receiving funding to help promote the vital role philanthropy plays in strengthening our community, and the importance of charitable giving to your organization’s effort to carry out its mission. The IWCF logo is available in the Toolkit.

Staff Contacts


If you have questions or are experiencing technical problems with your grant application, please contact the Ingram-White Castle Foundation at 614/545-0855 or by email.