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Neighborhood Grants

Support for place-based initiatives that enable residents to benefit from the region’s growth and opportunity through economic empowerment and engagement in the development of their communities.


Through partnerships with human service providers, institutional stakeholders, and other funders committed to inclusive neighborhood revitalization, The Columbus Foundation supports comprehensive place-based strategies that address the need for affordable housing, education and youth programming, resident engagement, health and wellness, beautification, and workforce development.


Grants are intended to mitigate the effects of historic policies and real estate practices that have restricted access to housing choice, high-performing schools, and capital with which to build wealth through homeownership and entrepreneurship. Special consideration is given to place-based initiatives that empower residents to benefit from the region’s growth and opportunity and to engage and participate in the development decisions affecting their communities.


Following multi-year investments in both Weinland Park and Milo-Grogan, partners in neighborhoods across the community are eligible to apply to promote equitable neighborhood revitalization.


  • New and existing nonprofit organizations impacting Columbus and Franklin County neighborhoods are eligible to apply.

  • Hospitals, colleges, and universities are ineligible for funding.


Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis. For questions or to apply, please contact the staff member listed below.


For questions, please contact Matt Martin.


A Portrait of Weinland Park
A Portrait of Weinland Park

Results and Analysis of the 2016 Weinland Park Collaborative Neighborhood Survey by Zachary E. Kenitzer, Ph.D. of The Ohio State University Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity. 

Positioning Milo-Grogan for Success
Positioning Milo-Grogan for Success

Assessing Neighborhood Conditions and Building a Platform for Inclusive Growth from the Greater Ohio Policy Center.

The health and well-being of a city and its surrounding region ultimately depends on the equity and vibrancy of its neighborhoods. Making place-based investments is one of our key strategies for promoting human flourishing throughout central Ohio.”
Matthew Martin
Director, Community Research